Hey, It’s Helen.

Although I do want to help people be the best person they want to be, and I heavily talk about finance, I made this blog as a ‘portfolio’ for future employers and others to see me as more responsible, reliable – something positive for sure.  


My ‘finance blog’ I produced over the semester did a few things:

  1. Knowledge or interest in Finance
  2. Learning one’s value and self worth
  3. Skills developing a website (technical skill – using WordPress)
  4. Working understand of Google Analytics, Google Adsense, knowing how to monetize and newsletters
  5. Engaging online audiences
  6. Writing skills and sample writing
  7. Present myself in a way I want to be considered


In fact, this blog was an advantage for me while applying for a Co-Op job in finance and public relations.


Finance is a big part of my life, in fact a huge part of everyone life in the way in which they are able to navigate in the world. Money unfortunately is what makes the world go round and will determine the way we live, our opportunities, the future, EVERYTHING and yet it is something that everyone struggles with like me. I wanted to share a few of those struggles.


My family immigrated here to Canada to give me and my sister a better future – you know, your typical immigrant story I guess. Money really mattered to my family, it never came easy and it was always a struggle. My family would tell me stories about how they made it in Vancouver and although we are not rich we are in a pretty good state, but I still hear the stories…


The story of my grandpa’s death when my mom was 11.

The bullying she faced wearing ragged clothes.

Her inability to finish high school.

Moving to Vancouver, she got scammed by people who spoke English.

When she was pregnant, she walked to work instead of bussing to save $1 on bus fare.

My family of 5 living in a 1 bedroom apartment.


My mom inspired me to think more mindfully about money, and sparked my passion to write a finance blog. Money is scary and so many people deal with it (like me!). So I thought it would be healthy to have a dialogue about money in the most expensive city EVER. I truly want to help people, it’s why I am not in business actually! This class has really shown me something I had a strong interest in and even using it as leverage to encourage me to be better, to be more responsible and best the best I can be. Large money has always been a part of my life and yet, it is not the only thing about my life. There are so many other ‘inner selves’, personalities, and values that I have, that will be unincluded in my blog.


I like fitness. I like going to the gym. I love zumba. I play badminton. I dance. I run.

I like eating. I like cooking at home. I like follow recipes. I enjoy looking at restaurant menus and scrolling food feeds.

I like anime (This one is the hardest one I face). I like the weird and yet beautifully engaging way it tells a story. I like american cartoons too. Bojack Horseman. Rick and Morty. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica (btw which is the same writer for Psychopass and Fate:Zero – give it a watch Roshane).

I like animals to the point that I don’t eat them. Yeah I’m a vegan. I have a mat and nat bag because I am basic and idk I just can’t.


There’s a lot. There’s even more but I wouldn’t know how to say it all. In fact, I am more than my finance talk, but it is for the better good to put my professional foot forward into my professional career, and slowly grow my opportunities when I graduate. Throughout my life, I wasn’t taken so seriously – but I want to be serious! I want to care about my online presentation of self, something I have been neglecting for a long time and something online, something I learned throughout the course. It’s about the audience and in some ways creating a show for my demographic group based on the persona I make. People come for that, not particularly for all that I am, simply just a part of who I am.


Who do I want to be defined as?


I produced my blog because I wanted to take control of how people may see me, the way I navigate and enter into the world, and although I am not particularly a private person, it scares me to post something online. I have no profile picture on my Linkedin nor my Facebook. As previously stated, my snapchat username is Gamepwner69, in some ways I can’t take myself seriously, and this blog in many ways is to show me who I want to be, and hopefully will be what I am.


Responsible. Aesthetic. Admirable.


I am a lot of those things, and at the same time I’m not. I am human. However, authenticity can be threatened, we keep pretending to be people we are not, but at the same time as Erving Goffman so nicely put it, we are all just different in different contexts, the digital sphere is just one of them.

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